Scholarship Guidelines


Scholarship Guidelines:



Total of up to 4 scholarships may be available


The following guidelines will be used to determine scholarship eligibility:


  • -  Scholarships granted will be paid by check and written to the candidate.
  • -  Scholarships granted will not be less than 250.00 per candidate.
  • -  Unless otherwise negated below, there will be one scholarship awarded to each the following groups:
    • * Scholastic Guards
    • * Independent Guards
    • * Percussion Units
  • - There will be a minimum of two scholarships awarded each season.
  • - There must be a minimum of 2 independent guard applicants before a separate Independent Guard Scholarship can be awarded. Less than this and the Independent Guard applicants will be included with the Scholastic Guard Scholarship.
  • - There must be a minimum of 15 percussion units participating in the TMA Championships to award a separate Percussion Scholarship. Less than this will result in the loss of this scholarship and the inclusion of the applicants into the other two scholarships.
  • - A committee consisting of members representing the Tri-State Board, whose decisions will be final, will make selections.
  • - Scholarships will be granted for one year only.
  • - Candidates may re-apply the following year, if all the guidelines are met.
  • - Scholarship winners will be announced at TMA Championships Finals.
  • - The candidate’s unit must be an active member of the TriState Marching Arts.
  • - The candidate's unit must participate in the TMA Championships contest.
  • - Units are not limited to the number of candidate applications.
  • - Candidates must be high school seniors or already attending a college or university.
  • - Candidates must be active, marching members of a pageantry unit.
  • - Candidates must submit a completed TMA Scholarship Application within a predefined time limit.
  • - Scholarship applications must all be original works by the candidates. Misrepresentation, plagiarism, duplication or equivocating of applications will be considered fraud and will result in no less than disqualification of the applicant, revocation of awarded scholarships and up to criminal prosecution.




*Deadline dates will vary each year, and are based upon the TMA championships.


Refer to the Scholarship Application for the current year's deadline date.


Scholarship questions should be directed to Julie Acheson or the Executive Director.


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