• When does the competition season begin?

    The competition season, for the TriState Marching Arts, officially begins on the second or third weekend in January.
  • What does it cost to join TMA

    TMA membership fees have been set at $600.00. This fee covers a unit's
    attendance at three or more shows. TMA Championships are an
    additional $200.00. Entering as a guest unit (limit two shows per season) is $80.00. Late fees ($100.00) are added on January 1 of the competitive year.
  • When are the membership fees for winterguard due?

    Membership fees are due at the time of registration.
    Member registrations are accepted anytime after the September Board meeting, where the next contest schedule is typically confirmed.

    While registrations are accepted throughout the entire competition season, it should be pointed out that there is a three week deadline for show registration, as well as a late registration fee for all show entered after December 31st.

    Therefore, the correct answer is that fees are due no later than three weeks
    before your first show. Naturally, the circuit and its show sponsors would appreciate your earliest possible registration and your boosters would appreciate the cost savings by registering and paying your fees before December 31st.


  • To whom do I report problems found on the TMA website?

    Report all problems and concerns to [email protected]
  • What does it take for a group to be moved up a class?

    Please see section 8.3 in the policy manual

    A unit must declare their classification at the beginning of the season with the option of switching classification once before February 15. After February 15, units wishing to move can only go up a class.

    Any unit misclassified will be reclassified by the decision of TMA Board of Directors.
  • When does the interval time begin/end?

    Interval timing begins the moment any member of the performing unit and/or prop crew steps over the Interval Line. Timing ends when the last person/piece of equipment passes out of the 'set up' area and over the interval timing line.

    Under the new entrance and exit rules the Interval Line is defined as a line (physical or imaginary) dividing the performance floor in half, either horizontally (from left to right) or vertically (front to back). The Interval Line can be found on the Gym Floor Layout provided with every contest schedule.
  • How does TMA  determine what order the groups in each class go in?

    Performance draws, are determined by postmark. Typically shows are organized from lowest to highest class order for percussion units, guards and winds. The order in which percussions, winds and guards perform in usually switches from week to week - allowing each group to start a show.

    The executive director does reserve the right to modify the schedule for special conditions that a guest or member may present.

    Championship order is based on seedings.
  • How are Championship seedings determined?

    Member seeding, for TMA Championships are based upon an adjustment to their raw scores. The highest two adjusted scores are used and compared to others circuit members (in the same class). The lower the score, the lower the seeding. Refer to the Score Adjustment page for more details.
  • Is there a limit to the number of contests you may enter?

    You may enter in all the shows if you wish. We only have minimum (3) to be eligible for TMA championships.
  • When does TMA begin enforcing Timing Penalties?

    TMA  waives all Minimum timing penalties for the first three weeks of the competition seasons - and sometimes more.  In addition, we are very 'gentle' when it comes to enforcing all the other timing penalties during this same time period as well. This doesn't mean you shouldn't even try to finish your show - just that we won't beat you up if you haven't.
  • Why does TMA never give out trophies or plaques?

    The TMA board decided several years ago to discontinue the use of show trophies. The trophies are an added expense for the show sponsor - one that most didn't feel was really needed. The fact is, most of the groups are very happy with the candy award.

    The circuit does use a unit plaque at Circuit Championships if it is purchased or provided by a unit.
  • Why can't members of the audience videotape the shows or even their own performance?

    Many of the units that perform at our shows compete on the national level. Taping their performances puts them at a real disadvantage with their competition. When a competitor knows what you are doing, they can copy and/or modify a feature that you are doing - making your effect seem less in return.

    While its easy to say that you would never release this kind of information to another, it would amaze you to learn how often it DOES happen. Sometimes just by accident.

    Secondly, much of the work performed by the various guards is arranged by professional designers. Taping their work and giving it to others to view, emulate or modify is a theft of service, if not an outright, copyright infringement.

    In addition, neither TMA  nor the show sponsor is videotaping your child or unit for profit. The video tape that is produced at each show (outside of the championships) is given to the unit director at the end of the show. This tape is typically supplied by the unit and becomes a history of the guard or line throughout the season. However, the tape is only of your unit - no other performances.

    As for the right - we have the right to protect all the units from unauthorized taping - that's all the people at the gate were trying to do. Your unit's membership in TMA implies acceptance of this rule.

    If you would like to see this rule changed, bring the idea up with your unit's director. All rules are subject to change by the TMA Board and the board is made up of its membership. The next board meeting will take place a month after TMA Championships. At that time a new board will be elected and motions for any changes can be made.


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